Job Retraining

The US government sponsors and runs scores of occupational training programs to help both new and displaced workers find jobs. At the end of the 20th century, around forty different training programs existing federally with nearly $12 billion being spent. The focus of these programs is to support job placement as well as job training, both which can help New York unemployment. You can find most of these programs running out of Washington, DC including the Labor Department, Department of Health & Human Services, and the Department of Education. Special emphasis has been on unemployment caused by jobs being exported abroad. This makes sense because of the political livewire this issue is.

Federal programs provide a lot of job retraining opportunity to many people, but the fractured nature of the effort often leads to overspending, bureaucratic largesse, and systemic inefficiencies. In many cases, retraining that can come from the state level, like New York, can be better targeted to local workers and more efficient. New York has set-up a program that offers job training providers the ability to get support from the state. The eligible provider list is offered by the Workforce New York website.

This is a good opportunity for New York unemployment to improve its unemployed workers condition.